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Wake Up to Beauty

At Body & Face Clinic, our expert PMU Artist has mastered the art of permanent makeup, beautifying your eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips with precision and finesse. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming daily skin care routines and welcome the convenience of flawlessly, defined features that stand the test of time.

Permanent Makeup Treatments

PMU Brows & Eyes Drama

Imagine waking up with those perfect brows and eyes, no need for tons of makeup. That's what permanent makeup offers – a simple way to enhance your natural beauty without going overboard.

Picture this: you start your day with eyes, lips, and brows that are on point, all done up without the fuss of makeup. We all want that extra boost of confidence, but let's face it, looking our best 24/7 isn't always easy.

Maybe you've noticed your brows are a bit thin (don't forget that we can help them regrow with microneedling), or your lashes aren't as lush as they used to be – we get it.

But here's where things get cool: with permanent makeup, you're covered. Imagine never having to worry about getting that eyeliner smudge just right or dealing with mascara gone rogue on your face.

It's all about those small yet fantastic eye and brow enhancements. Our goal? To bring out your natural features, give your brows that extra oomph, and make your eyes pop – all without going overboard on makeup. Think of it as a little daily boost that makes you feel great, no fuss required!

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Permanent Eyeliner

Let's delve into the world of eyeliner techniques – we proudly present two distinct methods:

Firstly, the Shaded Eyeliner, renowned for its ability to grant the eyes a dramatic cat-eye smoky effect, enhancing their allure and charm; On the other hand, the Baby Eyeliner technique artfully frames the eyes, imbuing the face with subtle vitality and luminosity through meticulous pigment application along the upper lash line.

The degree of subtlety or intensity in your permanent eyeliner is at your discretion. Whether you opt for a soft, refined look or a bolder, more striking appearance, we cater to your preferences.

Rest assured, our esteemed artist is here to guide you in this process. Prior to the treatment, they will provide expert advice to assist you in making an informed choice, aligning the technique with your individual style. This personalized approach ensures that your permanent eyeliner aligns seamlessly with your desired aesthetic outcome.

Permanent Brows

Gone are the days of relying on short-lived eyebrow and lash tints, which posed potential risks. The art of using permanent pigments, a skill refined over time, now offers the ability to recreate stunning brows and impeccable eyeliner.

Fun fact: your average eyebrow contains around 250 hairs, with each hair lasting about two months. Unfortunately, it's normal to lose around three eyebrow hairs daily as we age, leading to gradual thinning. With a thorough understanding of the impact of hair loss in everyday life, especially due to scalp alopecia, we appreciate the significance of addressing these concerns.

Our accomplished permanent makeup artist honed her expertise at the renowned 'The White House Clinic'. Now, we're excited to extend her transformative treatments to you, our valued clients. For a complimentary consultation, we invite you to book your session here. It's an opportunity to explore how permanent makeup can enhance your features and discover the possibilities for framing your eyes beautifully.

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Is Permanent Make Up Safe?

All of the aesthetics treatments at our clinic are safe. Safety is not just about the product, it's also about the training a therapist has had and the rules that the clinic abide by.

Our permanent make up artist ensures the cleanliness and sanitisation of the treatment room, consumables and equipment. Those who are already clients know that we ensure client safety. 

Most permanent make up cosmetic pigments are iron oxide based. This is an ingredient that is found in traditional cosmetic products. It is considered one of the safest and most stable colour agents - it is non-toxic and allergic reactions also are almost unheard of.

You will receive after treatment directions to allow your treatment areas heal naturally.

While there are no known long-term side effects to permanent cosmetics, short-term effects may include some: redness, tenderness, and swelling that are gone in a few days. (Some clients mourn the plumpness in the first few days!)

Most clients go on to have more dramatic eyeliner, brow colour and lipstick colours.

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