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Sculpt Your Body

At Body & Face Clinic, we offer targeted fat freezing treatments, helping you achieve a sculpted and toned physique.

Our skilled aestheticians tailor each treatment to your unique needs, addressing specific areas of concern to reveal a more streamlined and harmonious figure. 

Fat Freezing Treatments

Get Rid of Stubborn Fat With Non-Surgical Lipo!

Fat Freezing is also called cryolipolysis or non-surgical liposuction (and some brands of machines).


We use fat freezing in our Cheltenham cosmetic clinic to reduce stubborn fat on body areas like the tummy or hips.


Two totally different women with different height and body shape can weigh the same. However, they can have a dramatically different number of fat cells in their body. Those fat cells can settle anywhere in the body. This happens as each woman has a different lifestyle and differences in her body eg: one may be in menopause.


Many factors cause fat to sit in certain areas on the body. Being sedentary, after childbirth, age, eating habits and hormone changes are some of them. Body fat doesn’t always increase evenly across the body. Our bodies decides where it is needed to be stored. Sometimes this isn’t where you want it.

We often use HIFU right after fat freezing. During a treatment, fat cells reduce and can leave sagging skin. Using high intensity focused ultrasound we can melt a few more fat cells and tighten the skin, causing collagen to renew and lift the skin on the same body area.

We may use other techniques such as fat dissolving injections or the gentle green laser.


This is body sculpting.

How Does Fat Freezing Work?

We can use fat freezing on one body area or many in one session. It all depends on what your goals are and the amount of time you have.

We can complete four body areas in 45 minutes. If we add in the forms, undressing and dressing, a pre-treatment consultation, and a bit of a natter, it rounds up to one hour and fifteen minutes. If we are adding four other body areas, it can take over two hours.

We take before and after photographs with you always in the same pose as we like our images to match. This is for evidence of the results at the end of the treatment.

When you lay on the treatment table, we make sure you are comfortable and warm. We also use eco towels to prevent dampening your clothing during the procedure. Your therapist will have set the parameters on the fat freezer prior to your treatment. You will be told step by step of your procedure as it happens.

We will ask you to feel the protective membrane so that you are ready when the cold covering is put on your skin. We then place the fat freezing vacuum cup on the membrane and the cup sucks in your fatty area/s.


The fat cells in that body area will then be frozen down in the range -3C to -13C degrees Celsius. The area will first be heated to 37 degrees Celsius for a minute and then down to freezing. You will find it relaxing and many of our clients doze during the treatment. The fat cells in the cups weaken and break down during the session and afterwards too. Your therapist will check on you throughout the treatment.

When it is finished, you’ll be wiped clean and dried, so you are comfortable. We take your after photographs and discuss them with you and determine if more treatments are required to reach your goals. You can then dress. Your fat cells will die and leave your body through the lymphatic system over several weeks. Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) helps to maintain body fat density and body shape.

Fat Freezing Body Areas

Fat freezing is perfect for reducing fat on a certain body area but we also use it for reshaping specific body areas such as the torso or the buttocks for those who would like a bum lift or longer looking thighs.  We also use HIFU to contour the whole body.

Below are diagrams showing where fat freezing can be used. If you'd like to find out about body contouring please get in touch.

Men Fat Freezing Areas

Male body showing areas where fat freezing (cryolipolysis) can be used

Ladies Fat Freezing Areas

Female body showing areas where fat freezing (cryolipolysis) can be done

Fat Freezing Prices

Price by Body Areas

(The more you book, the more you save in the same treatment)

1 Body Area

2 Body Areas

3 Body Areas

4 Body Areas

6 Body Areas

8 Body Areas

£ 185.00







£140.50 each

£124.66 each


£113.75 each

£94.16 each

£92.00 each

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