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About Us

Rediscover Your Beauty

At Body and Face Clinic, we believe that every individual should love and cherish their body unconditionally.

Our aesthetic beauty clinic is dedicated to helping you rekindle that love and appreciation for yourself. Through our innovative health and beauty treatments, and personalised care, we aim to empower you to fall in love with yourself again. 

About Body & Face Clinic

Welcome to our wellness and aesthetic beauty salon, nestled in a stunning countryside venue! 


At Body and Face Clinic, our talented team specialise in aesthetic beauty treatments that will leave you feeling renewed and revitalised. Our clinic has been built upon trust and providing unwavering support to our clients.

Salon Exterior Directly Front - We Love

Jane Van Velsen

Body & Facial Aesthetics Practitioner

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I started in beauty in 1989 and moved We Love Beauty Ltd from Cirencester to Elkstone Studios after my husband passed away in 2020. It grew from a small, home-based beauty salon to the non-invasive body and face aesthetics and well-being clinic it is now.

Beauty and well-being treatments have changed a lot since my 20s, and I'm always learning new treatments. I'm qualified in a wide variety of treatments, from advanced treatments for wrinkles and body sculpting treatments to counselling. I love how our team can combine treatments like the new skin boosters, mesotherapy, and LUMI eyes with high intensity focused ultrasound treatment..

My clients dubbed me the 'fat reduction guru.' It's true; I love body contouring, but I am always excited to see a non-surgical face & neck lift after several weeks of collagen development. I love to hear a client's story and help them decide which body or face treatments they'd like to have.

The best part? When I see a client's confidence soar as their wellness improves


We are now called Body and Face Clinic Ltd. Our team is growing along with our new treatments. We are offering health, wellness, and beauty treatments.

Our Fantastic Team




Pharmacist MPharm IP (Master of Pharmacy, Independent Prescriber) & Aesthetics Practitioner

Since graduating from Cardiff University in 2017, I've been a qualified and practising pharmacist. With a genuine passion for helping others and a medical background, combined with my love for beauty, training in facial aesthetics (Dermal Fillers) was a no-brainer.  


Adhering to the belief that enhanced natural beauty can be achieved at any age, I delight in seeing the smiles my treatments bring to clients.


In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, whether in the Cotswolds for walks or, more often than not, in the gym or dining out.

Always happy to meet new people and discuss the right treatments for you.

Jerusha Smit.jpg

Skin Care & Facials Expert

I am a qualified skin specialist and have been deep diving into skin and the skincare industry for the last 5 years.


I have been involved in product formulation, from concept, through to testing and production. More recently, I qualified to do my favourite thing - work on your skin!


I was in employment law, and now I am extremely happy to have made the switch to an industry I am deeply passionate about. 


My approach to skin health is a 360, holistic one. I use a range of results-driven techniques and products, as well as lifestyle recommendations, to get you the best results. I understand how personal your skin is and will guide you to achieve your goals. I am particularly interested in the deep links between gut & skin health, and this is an area I will continue to focus on in the coming years.


Skin is an extremely complex organ, skincare should be easy. I'm here to help you get the most from your routine and from the treatments we do together in clinic. 

I'm looking forward to meet you.

Lauren photo.jpg


Permanent Make Up Artist

(Brows, Eyeliner & Lips)

I aspire to perfection in semi-permanent makeup.


Passionate about my art, I view each treatment as a live masterpiece.  A natural perfectionist, I possess an eye for design and a fervour for enhancing natural beauty. Using subtle definition, custom cosmetic artistry, and permanent makeup techniques, the best part of my treatments is when a client realises they never have to apply lipstick, eyeliner, and brow colour again! Freedom!​

I love working with Jane and expanding my qualifications.

Elkstone Studios is a lovely venue to work and the coffee is great! 

Our Aesthetic Beauty Clinic

A Place to Relax and Unwind

Our Cheltenham aesthetics clinic in the Cotswolds has three treatment rooms, ensuring your privacy while you are having your treatments. 

Our skilled aestheticians are experts in delivering specialist aesthetic beauty treatments, ensuring a pampering experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated. When you are with us, do browse the qualifications on the 'wall of fame' in reception. We understand that trust between practitioner and client is important. 


Many of you used to come to the Cirencester Beauty Salon back in 2019. The business has grown through providing excellent body and face treatments as well as our knowledge about menopause and a large range of non-surgical treatments. Today, you can find us in Bromley Barn at Ekstone Studios.  It is a beautiful and discreet venue with wonderful shops from jewellery, fashion and a luxurious café, butchery and patisserie. The best perk is FREE parking. 


We love having our clients and friends visiting!

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