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Personalised Beauty Plan

Celebrate your distinct beauty with a complimentary aesthetic beauty consultation at Gloucestershire based Body & Face Clinic. 

Our experienced beauticians and facial aestheticians are always excited to have 30 minutes of consultation to ensure that your aspirations can be met. Your wellbeing and appearance is important to us as well as yourself.

About Your Consultation

We offer free consultations for body treatments and face treatments. We also offer a free skincare review with our skin care expert, Olivia. You can have your initial talk online through WhatsApp video chat then a full consultation at the Elkstone Studios clinic.

Many aesthetics clinics charge a consultation fee, but we believe that when you are making a significant investment in your appearance and well-being, you should be able to connect with the therapist who is going to perform your treatment/s.

We also want to ensure that all our clients fully understand what the aesthetic treatment does for them, including any potential side effects, downtime, pain, and final result expectations before any payment is required.

Why Should You Have A Consultation?

1. Establish Trust

Trust in your therapist is important. We are the people who are going to alter your appearance whether it's face or body treatments. You need to know our qualifications, experience and if we are licensed and insured. You need to trust that we are honest about your expectations.

2. Learn More About Treatments

Our website tells you a lot about our treatments but when we talk face to face we go through them again and answer your questions. We tell you how they feel, the results, downtime and costs. We can explain why you may only need one treatment or several to get the look you want. 

3. Manage Expectations

Some clients do not see themselves in the way as other people do. We are often more critical of ourselves than others are. During a consultation we will be honest about your expectations and how they can be met. Sometimes we have to say we cannot meet your expectations.

4. Understand Costs

Face and body aesthetics are far more affordable these days but it can be costly. We price our treatments in line with our location, qualifications required, the quality of our products and consumables and our experience. Some treatments are less than others and some more 

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Do You Have To Book In After A Consultation?



We ask you to book a consultation so that we can see you and if necessary, ask you questions. We need to understand your lifestyle and health history to advise you. Once you have that advice you are free to leave with no fees due. You can book a treatment afterwards if you want to. 

Do We Refuse To Give Treatments?


We do sometimes have to refuse treatments. For example if you have a medical condition that can be made worse or you are too young for us to treat you by law.  We reserve the right not to treat you if you have been drinking before attending your appointment or are abusive to the staff. .

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