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Rejuvenate Your Skin

Unlock the secret to radiant, youthful skin with our transformative Plasma Pen treatments. 

From skin tightening to diminishing imperfections, this non-invasive treatment caters to your unique needs, resulting in visibly younger-looking skin.

Plasma Pen Treatments

Mole & Skin Tag Removal

Meet the impressive Plasma Pen – an innovative tool for fibroblast therapy and your ticket to transformative skin treatments, minus the surgery and invasiveness. Its capabilities span far and wide, from addressing common skin issues like mole and wart removal, to delivering a boost of vitality to your complexion.

Referred to as "fibroblast" therapy, the Plasma Pen is a true multitasker. Not only does it effectively tackle concerns like wrinkles and skin laxity, but it's also a rejuvenating powerhouse. This treatment triggers the production of collagen, resulting in a brighter, healthier, and more radiant complexion.

In essence, the Plasma Pen is your non-invasive ally in the quest for flawless skin. It's like having a personalised magic wand that gracefully erases imperfections.

Plasma Pen For Eyelids and Eye Bags

As we age, our eyelids can begin to droop, sometimes even affecting our vision. For those seeking an eye-opening transformation, our Plasma Pen treatment is a game-changer.


Here's how it works: we meticulously mark and strategically place minuscule plasma dots in a precise pattern. The ultimate goal? To sculpt an eye-catching lift for those eyelids. The magic of the Plasma Pen extends beyond the eyelids. We harness its power to treat eye bags, the neck, cheeks, and even those pesky jowls. 

Plasma Pen For Skin Tags, Moles & Age Spots

Skin tags, moles, age spots, and pigmentation – they can truly affect our confidence. But fret not, as the Plasma Pen treatment is here to swiftly come to the rescue.

The process is intriguing: the skin tag or mole that once bothered you starts to transform, becoming slightly crusty and dark in color. And then, within just a few days, it bids its farewell by gently dropping off.

Don't worry about what's underneath – the skin beneath might appear a little pink, but that's just a sign of the healing process kicking in.

And here's the best part: all this happens in a flash. The treatment itself is incredibly speedy and, more importantly, completely painless. Plus, you won't need to set aside any downtime afterward.

How Do Plasma Pens Work?

A plasma pen uses plasma to “vaporize” the skin, creating micro-injuries on the surface in the form of tiny burns. These burns will scab as part of the body’s natural response to injury. And when they fall off, the skin tags, moles and other blemishes will fall off with them.

After we have examined your blemish we cleanse your skin, dry it and mark the areas we are treating. Then, if needed, we numb the area with a gel or cream. 

The PlasmaPen is very accurate so we can control the strength of the intensity of the plasma is. We burn off the mole, skin tag or wart in short bursts until the area is covered. The area treated will dry and shrink. Over a few days the plasma dots start scabbing and drying out. Then they begin to naturally drop off. There's no need for creams or lotions. You will receive after care guidelines as you leave. 

Removing moles, skin tags and warts this way is a simple process. We also treat verruca, warts, milia, pigmentation, sun spots, acne scarring, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Plasma pen for skin rejuvenation on eye lids and eye bags, mole removal, skin tags removal

The above image shows before and after treatment to tighten the eye lids and the crows feet and skin laxity on the cheeks and forehead. This is 2 days after the treatment.

These photos are across 2 weeks to show healing timings.

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening

We have a variety of skin treatments that reduce wrinkles and tighten skin eg: HIFU (high intense focused ultrasound).


However, plasma pen can be used on just one wrinkle if needed. It can also be used on the eyelid and over the voice box in the neck which HIFU cannot do.


We use plasma pen to complete a facial aesthetics treatment to stimulate skin collagen on the thinner skin. There is 10 - 14 days healing but make up can be worn by the 5th day. 

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