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Boost Your Confidence

Our range of aesthetic beauty treatments is designed to help you feel great and shine with confidence.


Whether it's a rejuvenating facial, a subtle enhancement, or a complete makeover, our experts are here to bring out your best self.


Book Your Treatment

Body Confidence, One Treatment at a Time...

We’ve made the booking system online so it is easy for you to book a treatment at any time.

You can book fat freezing and HIFU body treatments by number of areas eg: fat freezing x 1 means one body area like lower tummy. Fat freezing x 3 mean three different body areas like each hip and lower tummy.

Other treatments are listed by the name.  If you want combined treatments booked eg: Fat Freezing x 4 body areas followed with HIFU x 4 body areas, you will need to book each treatment individually with back-to-back times. If you struggle with that, just call or email us.

You can book an appointment by here on the website, text, email, and telephone. Some clients prefer to use messenger on Facebook or on Instagram. We always answer. You can download our app to your mobile phone and become a member and set your own appointments as well.

You will need to pay your booking/cancellation fee of £50 in the list underneath here.

This is to ensure your appointment is available for your treatment. 

It is also a cancellation fee if you don’t give the required 48 hours prior to your booked time.

Every booked appointment starts with a free consultation. In this way we understand exactly what treatment you want.

If you’re unsure what to book you can read more about our aesthetic beauty treatments under the tab ‘What We Offer’. Each treatment page has a full description with an image, so you are sure about what you are booking. Alternatively, you can contact us directly.

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